The Silent ‘G’ in Chemsex: Why is GHB so Dangerous?

Overdoses can result in respiratory arrest or coma, which to the unknowing eye can appear as though the person has just fallen asleep.

What is Chemsex?

What is GHB?

Signs of an Overdose Include:

In a survey of 1,000 GHB users, one in four women (and one in six men) had overdosed in the last 12 months. Other studies show that it is not uncommon for regular-GHB users to experience over 50 GHB-induced comas.

A ‘G & T;’ Mixing GHB and Crystal Meth Doubles Your Chances of Developing a Mood Disorder

If someone looks like they are overdosing, seek professional help as soon as possible.

Can I Take GHB Without Developing a Dependency?

1. Never mix GHB with Other Substances

2. Understand the Risks of Re-Dosing

3. Watch Out for Any Warning Signs and Take Action Early

Signs of dependency include:

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