Fireside Chat with Paracelsus Recovery’s CEO Jan Gerber and Former Client and now Managing Partner, Pawel Mowlik

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4 min readJan 26, 2022

What is the relationship between wealth and mental health? Pawel Mowlik shares his story of overnight success, addiction, and why it is vital to find a purpose with colleague and friend, Jan Gerber.

In our latest podcast our CEO, Jan Gerber, talks to Managing Partner Pawel Mowlik about his inspiring Mental Health journey.

From the outside looking in, Pawel Mowlik was living the dream. Starting off from humble origins, he became the mentee of one of Zurich’s most successful hedge-fund managers. His work ethic is impeccable, and it led him to become a multi-millionaire himself at only 22 years of age. He lived in a glamorous haze of private jets, fine dining, and parties. But Mowlik explains that there is a huge difference between the reality of that life and the fantasy, which most of us must learn the hard way.

His determination and work ethic soon turned into a double-edged sword. As he climbed the ladder of success, it became hard not to feel like the ‘master of the universe.’ Mowlik wanted to do it all — attend every party, live everywhere, and work constantly, leaving him exhausted. As many ultra-successful people know, when the world never says no to you, it is hard to say no back.

“I asked myself, what would I advise to someone who was as jaded as I was at that time? On the one hand, I really wanted to get out of it, but on the other hand, I felt desperate and I did not know how to change. I lost trust in myself because I couldn’t say to myself ‘you will change everything tomorrow’ because I’d taken those vows so many times…I realised that desperateness. I lost trust in myself.” — Pawel Mowlik, Managing Partner of Paracelsus Recovery

Eventually, like so many others, he resorted to cocaine. Mowlik speaks with elegance and wisdom as he shares the nights and days he lost to blackouts. Although he knew it was becoming unmanageable, the thoughts that plague so many of us kept him trapped in the cycle. How can I be unhappy when I am living the dream life? What is wrong with me? A sense of shame, fear and hopelessness continued to grow.

After spending 10 days on a yacht with friends and remembering almost none of it due to his substance abuse, Mowlik knew he needed to seek help. He spent time in various rehabilitation centres across the world, but they only made him feel more alienated and alone.

“Money is a very powerful tool. It can be very powerful to achieve great things, but it can equally be very destructive. One just needs to be able to handle that tool, and a lot of people are not trained.”
- Jan Gerber, CEO of Paracelsus Recovery

Eventually, he found sobriety and support in Paracelsus Recovery. Now, seven years later, Mowlik can see how the success and wealth he found at such a young age blinded him. He lost touch with his life’s purpose and felt adrift in the world. Now, he knows that the way to find meaning is to help others by sharing his story and embracing his passions, such as fine dining.

Although his life has been anything but ordinary, his life story is relatable to anyone whose known addiction. His conversation with Jan Gerber is as honest as it is insightful, and we hope it will help those out there afraid to seek help.

“Leading a sober and clean life isn’t an easier life. It has a lot of challenges, but — and that’s the determining factor for me — you become more true to yourself. You start to understand yourself and feel a different kind of happiness, one that you can never ever get from drugging or drinking or being in that bubble.”
— Pawel Mowlik, Managing Partner of Paracelsus Recovery

You can listen to the podcast right here.

Paracelsus Recovery is the most individualised and innovative treatment centre in the world. We work exclusively with ultra-high-net-worth individuals whose mental health challenges often go unnoticed due to the misconception that financial security ensures mental stability. We only treat one client at a time so that we can provide the strictest confidentiality and the most bespoke treatment money can buy.

We are trying to challenge the public stigmas that surround what it means to be successful and that prevent so many people from seeking the help they need and deserve. We provide academic research and articles that challenge the fiction that wealth equals happiness. We also use our YouTube and podcast channels as platforms for artists, athletes, and successful individuals to embrace their stories of recovery from mental health challenges.

We recognise the pandemic has been a difficult time for many UHNW individuals. But because we are a treatment centre, we are able to stay open to support our clients. Alternatively, we can send our team to you or provide a fully-virtual treatment programme.

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