Fireside Chat with Paracelsus Recovery’s CEO Jan Gerber and Former Client and now Managing Partner, Pawel Mowlik

In our latest podcast our CEO, Jan Gerber, talks to Managing Partner Pawel Mowlik about his inspiring Mental Health journey.
“I asked myself, what would I advise to someone who was as jaded as I was at that time? On the one hand, I really wanted to get out of it, but on the other hand, I felt desperate and I did not know how to change. I lost trust in myself because I couldn’t say to myself ‘you will change everything tomorrow’ because I’d taken those vows so many times…I realised that desperateness. I lost trust in myself.” — Pawel Mowlik, Managing Partner of Paracelsus Recovery
“Money is a very powerful tool. It can be very powerful to achieve great things, but it can equally be very destructive. One just needs to be able to handle that tool, and a lot of people are not trained.”
- Jan Gerber, CEO of Paracelsus Recovery
“Leading a sober and clean life isn’t an easier life. It has a lot of challenges, but — and that’s the determining factor for me — you become more true to yourself. You start to understand yourself and feel a different kind of happiness, one that you can never ever get from drugging or drinking or being in that bubble.”
— Pawel Mowlik, Managing Partner of Paracelsus Recovery



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