Are You Addicted to Cryptocurrency Trading?

Why is cryptocurrency addictive?

What are the signs someone is developing an addiction?

If you are worried about your cryptocurrency habits, ask yourself:

  • Is the price of Bitcoin the last thing you look at before you sleep and the first thing you check when you wake up?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself acting on irrational beliefs, such as feeling ‘lucky’?
  • Do you carry on trading in cryptocurrency after losing money in an attempt to gain it back?
  • Do you find it hard to identify what you are feeling when you are trading?
  • Have you failed to meet deadlines or expectations because of your cryptocurrency activities?

How can you make sure you trade in moderation?

Practice gradual de-exposure

Set clear-cut boundaries and limits

Understand your trigger points

Paracelsus Recovery




World's premier provider of #addiction treatment services #Alcohol #Drug #Behavioural #eating #disorders #emotional #problems📢

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Paracelsus Recovery

Paracelsus Recovery

World's premier provider of #addiction treatment services #Alcohol #Drug #Behavioural #eating #disorders #emotional #problems📢

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