The pandemic put an economic strain on many ultra-high-net-worth individuals. With another uncertain year ahead, what tools can we use to safeguard our health from financial insecurity?

Financial security enables you to survive, thrive and exist comfortably in the modern world. It is such a key part of life that…

Gamma hydroxybutyrate, better known as GHB, is growing in popularity but a tiny dose can have a devastating impact. The Paracelsus Recovery CEO talks to Trisha Goddard about its dangers, listen in or read the full transcript below.

Paracelsus Recovery CEO, Jan Gerber, says there is a fine line between the euphoria GHB creates and an overdose.

To listen to the interview follow the link, click on the 14:00–14:30…

Happiness has become one of humanity’s ultimate goals. But, paradoxically, our quest for it is increasing our levels of dissatisfaction. We explore how to healthily boost yours.

The odds are even more stacked against the ultra-wealthy. With success comes an expectation of happiness and fulfillment. But one doesn’t necessarily follow…

Excessive gaming in adolescence increases the likelihood you will develop other addictions later in life. We asked our experts at Paracelsus Recovery to explain why it is a gateway to more harmful habits and how to make sure your child is gaming in moderation.

Recent studies show that excessive gaming in childhood can lead to mental health issues later in life.

Gaming can be a fun and…

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